Best Food Processor Reviews - Detailed Analysis

We reviewed the highest rated, best selling, most popular food processors available in the UK from various reputable online merchants. Our independent review are based on real consumer feedback to make sure that everyone who visits our site knows which product is great and which should be avoided. Scroll down to read our analysis of the best food processors.
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Kenwood FP120 Food ProcessorKenwood Compact FP120 Food Processor
Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• On board cord storage
• Rubber feet for safety
• 400W motor
• Single speed and pulse
• 1 year guarantee

Best Deal Found: 21% Off

Magimix 4200 Food Processor Magimix 4200 Food Processor
Consumer Ratings 4.5 stars

• Powerful 950 W motor
• Push button operation
• Storage box for accessories
• Powerful but quite motor
• 12 year guarantee on motor

Best Deal Found: 19% Off

Braun Combimax K 700 Food Processor Braun CombiMax K700 Food Processor
Consumer Ratings 4.5 stars

• Attachments Included
• Bowl Material Plastic
• 4.2 l Capacity
• Liquidizer Attachments
• Wattage: 600
Kenwood FP920Kenwood FP920 Multi Pro Food Processor
Consumer Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Powerful 900 Watt motor
• Patented Dual Drive system
• Cord storage
• 1 year guarantee
• Stainless steel blades

Best Deal Found: 38% Off

Philips HR7774 Food ProcessorPhilips HR7774 Food Processor
Consumer Ratings 4.0 stars

• Performs 30 different tasks
• 1000 watt motor
• Powerful precision
• Compact and stylish design
• Extra large feeding tube

Best Deal Found: 18% Off

Bosch MCM5530 Food ProcessorBosch MCM5530 Food Processor
Consumer Ratings 4.0 stars

• 1100W motor
• 4 speed and pulse setting
• Accessory box
• Citrus press and juice extractor
• 2 years guarantee

Best Deal Found: 27% Off

Kenwood FP264 Multi Pro Compact Food ProcessorKenwood FP264 Multi Pro Compact Food Processor
Consumer Ratings 4.0 stars

• Effortless chopping, blending, mixing
• Simple control.
• Various attachments
• Dual drive system
• 750W motor.

Best Deal Found: 39% Off

Philips HR7781 Food ProcessorPhilips Robust Collection HR7781 Food Processor
Consumer Ratings 4.5 stars

• 1200 W motor
• Two speeds plus additional pulse
• Safety lock system
• Non slip feet
• Cord storage

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Best Food Processor Reviews – Food Processor Buying Guide

One of the best food processor from KenwoodGetting the best food processor for you is often a challenge especially with modern day technology forever changing and all food processors striving for the same goal and that is to provide convenience. Over the years more consumers have started to make purchases on food processors with each consumer often impressed by the amount of time they save on a daily basis. There are a lot of conflicting food processor reviews on the internet adding making it harder to make the right purchase, by reading this food processor reviews guide we are confident it will help you purchase the best food processor for your requirements and get the best satisfaction with your purchase.

How the Best Food Processor Will Save You Time

Buying the best food processor will certainly help you save time in the kitchen; this is one of the biggest selling points of food processors. Many consumer food processor reviews point to the variety of tasks these products can provide a solution to, many people don’t understand just how universal some of the best food processors on the UK market can be. Mundane cooking chores are no longer a problem as many of the best food processor can handle takes such as mincing food, slicing large quantity of food effortlessly, puréeing smooth paste and so much more.

Coming home after a busy day the last task on peoples minds is to prepare a large quantity of food, this is where the best food processor for your requirements step in and start to shine. Instead of having to manually slice food repetitively you can turn a task that would normally take minutes into seconds. On top of all this the food can be cut with precision and skill for presentation making the best food processor also ideal for preparation of food for social gatherings, in fact many kitchens are adapting to food processors as they provide such value for money and save so much time.

On top of slicing food to precision a quality product can also assist with other food preparations such as crafting healthy dips in seconds, whisking up cake mix without the manual labour or liquidise a soup, we learnt from many food processor reviews. People find having the best food processor also helps them control their diet better too for the convenience factor, many weight controlling programs have food processor reviews showing just how effective they can be.

Philips Food Processor ReviewsA great concern for many people is how long a food processor will take to clean, based on consumer food processor reviews you will certainly see it’s not a difficult task as many of the manufacturers have taken this into consideration. Many of the best food processors on the UK market come to pieces effortlessly and are dish washer friendly, even for those who don’t have a dish washer can individually clean parts within seconds adding more reason to get the best food processor for you. Many people find that cleaning these products to be much quicker than cleaning traditional utensils; this means preparing a very quick dinner can also be cleaned up in record time to. Consulting the manufacturers’ food processors reviews can provide vital information to maintaining.

What to Look for in Buying the Best Food Processor

Like with any product the best food processor for you will depend on your needs and what it will be most commonly used for, while the general design is universal between these products there are slight variations. Many of these variations provide a different value for different people, always check the food processor reviews to get a clear understanding of how individual products work and what results you can expect. Before deciding on the best food processor for you, ensure you think clearly about what it will be used for as this is vital to making the right choice.

The first area to consider is how much space do you have to store the product? While manufacturers have always tried to come up with a solution to this problem and design smaller and smaller products with a large degree of success, many of the best food processor models still take up quite a lot of kitchen space. Not necessarily because of the physical design of the product alone but the wide variety accessories that come with it for some this could be seen as a huge positive but for others it can generate clutter, always consider what you will be using the best food processor for and if you need to conserve space; that way you will be able to store it away easily when not in use.

With that in mind the next area is to review the provided accessories that the device comes with and supports, it will save you a lot of money to purchase a product that comes with all the accessories you need. Buying individual accessories can work out more expensive over time. Many food processor reviews are based on the accessories it comes with, performance and reliability so always check out testimonials before you make a final decision. Accessories you might want to take into consideration to get the best food processor for you could be:

  • Knife blade for finely slicing ingredients with precision.
  • Whisk tool for cake mix.
  • Dough tool for producing bread etc.
  • Juicer for home made drinks, dips and extractions

The above only name a few of the many accessories, always check the manufacturers’ food processor reviews to get a clear understanding of the accessories provided.

Magimix 4200 Food ProcessorWhat types of food will you be placing in the best food processor? There is no standard to food processors in terms of how wide the feed tube (where you place food) is. If you will be slicing larger foods such as potatoes, apples and wide vegetables its worth taking note of the feed tube size to ensure you can place your desired ingredients in with no issues.  While many food processors have a removable top it’s not always easy to place an entire cucumber inside the chamber, if you do run into this problem simply halving the ingredients can provide a workable solution.

Many of the manufacturers of these items have made attempts to modify the design for a multitude of features. While some food processor reviews are in the favour of the features, it’s not always the case for average users. Do you need something simple or something with more features? Think about what you need it for, more functions don’t necessarily mean it will be the best food processor for you. For those who need a simple selection of start and stop there are a wide selection of devices that will fulfil this basic requirement. Where as other people that need timings, slicing gauges, specific accessories or more settings than the average user will. So the advice here to getting the right product for you is keep it simple if you’re a basic user, and read the product description for extra features.

Top rands Making and Getting the Best Food Processor Reviews

In this section take a look at the top 2 brands based on the best food processor reviews in the UK market, this will give you a clear understanding of brands that will be worth your investment. Certainly there are many food processor companies out there who produce some great quality products that get some exceptional food processor reviews, but we have taken the time to analyse the information and make a selection of what we deem to be the best food processor designers.

food processor accessoriesThe manufacturer with the best and most food processor reviews is Kenwood, a company that has been developing various kitchen utensils for many years perfecting their technology to produce great customer satisfaction. Kenwood food processor products are ranging from standard home use to more industrial strength designs for mass production of food. We took our investigations a little further and decided to read some of the consumer food processor reviews on this brand to get a clearer understanding of why they are so popular. With more than 200+ reviews the rating works out as an average 4.5 starts out of a possible 5 on Amazon UK, it is exceptionally rare to find a brand that can archive this based around so many consumer food processor reviews.

One consumer explains how after 1 year of extremely heavy use their Kenwood food processor still works like a charm. This consumer goes on to explain that it has saved considerable amount of time when preparing meals for the children after school and makes short work of almost any cooking task. Yet another 5 star food processor review that stood out to us came from an individual who had 33 people thank them for the information showing a reliable source, the consumer explains how he would recommend a particular Kenwood processor to any enthusiastic cook. These real world consumer reviews it certainly shows that Kenwood have their customers in mind producing and tailoring the best food processor for peoples needs.

Here is an informational video we found that might help you appreciate just how professional and useful some of these product can be.

Our position number 2 goes to Philips, not well known for the kitchen technology they produce but not to be underestimated by any means, although they have a smaller selection of food processors they have still managed to attain a total of more than 50 food processor reviews from happy customers.

Summary of Buying the Best Food Processor

So to create a summary of how to buy the best food processor for your needs just to assist in making purchasing a little easier, simply consider how much space you have to use in the kitchen as some food processors take up considerable room. Always read the food processor reviews based on the accessories to get an idea of what the product can offer. Consider the size of the food you wish to put in the device so you can gauge how large the feed tube should be. Final point to getting the best food processor for you is to specify your requirements, do you need something simple or more advanced features?

We hope this has given you an insight into how to choose the best food processor and the best manufacturers based on food processor reviews.