Bosch MCM5530 Food Processor Review

Bosch MCM5530 Food Processor

*Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

*Consumer Reviews Collected: 11

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*Pros: The Bosch MCM5530 Food Processor is of good quality, easy to use, and comes with useful accessories. With the few consumer reviews found online it got 60% five star ratings which is a not so bad number.

*Cons: While this food processor does its job very well, the unit itself is very large and so people who do not have a large kitchen with much storage space have a problem with this. Despite this, most of the customers will recommend this product for people looking for an efficient and easy to use food processor.

With the advent of food processors food preparation is now done more conveniently and more people are able to eat healthier foods. With a food processor you can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen prepping your meals and this means you can do everything from scratch.

If you are looking for a reliable partner in your kitchen that helps you with mixing, blending, liquidizing and other cooking tasks, you may consider using the Bosch MCM5530 Food Processor. This food processor comes with a lot of great features which is why it came up on our radar. We have included the usual below – a description of the product, its features and some customer reviews so you can decide if this is the food processor you are looking for.

Bosch MCM5530 Food Description

The Bosch MCM5530 Food Processor provides all your processing needs through its powerful 1100 watt motor. It also allows you to set the speed and pulse settings according to your preference. You can do some blending and pureeing with this processor through its 1.5 litre liquidizer.

You can also create juices through its citrus press and juice extractor. It also allows you to see your ingredients while using the machine through its transparent plastic mixing bowl that comes with a funnel and stuffer. The food processor also allows you to choose reversible shredding discs both for thick and fine slices. You are also guaranteed extra stability through its disc holder. You can also neatly store all the accessories thanks to the accessory box.

With your purchase of this food processor you get the unit in white, a recipe book and the accessories such as the liquidiser, chopping blade, balloon whisk disc, dough blade, reversible slicing disc, reversible shredding disc, disc holder and juice extractor.

Bosch MCM5530 Food Processor Features

  • Operates with a 1100W motor
  • Allows you to set up to  4 speed settings and pulse setting
  • Allows you to neatly store the accessories with the included accessory box
  • Allows you to see your ingredients while using the machine through the transparent plastic mixing bowl
  • Allows you to blend and puree through its liquidiser attachment
  • Allows you to make juices through citrus press and juice extractor
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee

Consumer Reviews for Bosch MCM5530 Food Processor

This food processor only has a few reviews but over 50% of the reviews it has are five star reviews. We have included the reviews we have found below and hope they will help you to make your buying decision. Before you read the reviews in depth here are some snippets of what people are saying so you can determine if it will be worth your while to read the full reviews.

  • “A complete all in one solution.”
  • “A very good product, nice design, highly recommended.”
  • “Excellent value for money.”
  • “The machine is very easy to use once you get used to it.”
  • “I am very pleased with the product because it does everything I wanted from it.”

One reviewer said that the food processor is of great value for money. He also said that it is very easy to use once the user gets the hang of it. He mentioned that he has not used all the accessories included in the box but was impressed with the excellent blades to dice because it took the blade around 5 seconds to finely chop the big onion he placed in the processor.

He also said that even if he has not used all of the accessories which are stored in the drawer, he was still satisfied with all the accessories he was able to use with which has been very useful for him. He recommended that the user must have enough space to store the processor on a worktop or in a cupboard because the machine is quite big especially to store the additional accessories that come with it. However, he concluded that the product is a good buy and would recommend it to anyone.

Another reviewer said that he purchased the food processor as a replacement for his “dead old processor”. He said that he purchased Bosch because they are known for having a reliable and high standard of products. He said that he was happy how the accessories are stored neatly in the supplied box. He also said that when he used the processor, it does not move and is steady in its place because of the suction pads that hold it down. He said that the product is an excellent device.

One man said that they have a lot of different devices and machines in their kitchen and every time he does a little cooking, he always got frustrated. So he thought and decided to buy his wife an all-in-one food processor from Bosch. He also said that he is a fan of most of Bosch’s DIY tools and products that is why he decided to buy a food processor from Bosch because he knows that the brand is trusted, reliable and has quality products. He also mentioned that he has a Bosch PIR for the Alarm which is also brilliant in style and performance just like the food processor he bought.

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With high ratings, good reviews and satisfied customers, the Bosch MCM5530 Food Processor is ideal to use for perfect mixing, blending, and liquidizing, chopping and slicing tasks. We hope to see later on if this food processor has more reviews to determine if this is a recommended food processor but you can make your own decision based on the information found here.




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