Kenwood Food Processor

If you are looking for the best appliance for all your cooking needs, a Kenwood food processor will definitely the best choice available on the market. A Kenwood food processor can do almost everything. Kenwood as a company has created a mark on the world during the 1950s for its high quality and innovative products.  In addition to that, Kenwood is not just about the popular Kenwood Chef but rather it has many great things to offer on the market. Kenneth Wood was the founder of the company in 1947. In 1962, the company expanded its headquarters in Woking and moved beyond this location to Havant which became the most progressive manufacturing plant the UK had ever had. Today, the company has a wide range of kitchen appliances from food processors to hand blenders, kettles to bread makers, name it and they have it all. This powerful kitchen device manufacturer is definitely a great brand from which you can buy.

Benefits and Uses of a Kenwood Processor

Kenwood FP920Kenwood food processors are not only helpful and useful but are definitely versatile and flexible. As long as you are working in the kitchen, you’ll discover that this kind of equipment will make your life easy and convenient. The product offers a great usability and is definitely a must have for all your kitchen remedies.

One of our favourite product from Kenwood is their Kenwood Compact FP120 Food Processor which we have reviewed extensively on our site.

With a lot of Kenwood models, the Kenwood FP580 2-Speed Food Processor is considered one of the best of Kenwood’s food processors because it is more built for practicality than other food processors because of its Multi Pro concept. Compared to an ordinary food processor, the product introduces a unique dual drive system which means less space is taken up on the worktop – a space saving of up to 37%. The 500 W motor allows for effortless mixing, and its two speeds plus pulse gives total user control. The FP580 has a 2.9 Litre bowl (1.5 Litre working volume) and a 1.5 Litre capacity liquidiser. There are also a wide range of attachments that are included with your purchase of the product like high quality chopping blades, stainless steel fine slicing/shredding disc, stainless steel coarse slicing/shredding disc, twin geared whisk and dough tool, fine julienne disc and etc. With its very similar attachments the consumer is guaranteed that they are equally as good as the main purchase. Kenwood FP580’s metal body is technologically designed for long-lasting and sophisticated performance. Other important features like the integral cord storage, an interlock system for optimum safety and security and dishwasher’s safe parts for easy cleaning are considered significant inputs for consumer’s purchasing requirements.

So if you want the best high end quality food appliance for your kitchen, choose a Kenwood food processor. They have been regarded as being by far the most flexible and functional of all other ordinary processors available ion the market. Kenwood food processor guarantees the safety, quality and the best results it brings to your kitchen cooking and preparation needs.

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