Kenwood FP264 Multi Pro Compact Food Processor Review

Kenwood FP264 Multi Pro Compact Food Processor

*Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

*Consumer Reviews Collected: 12

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*Pros: This food processor is of high quality and comes at a reasonable price. It comes with a number of tools so that it can do an abundance of kitchen processing tasks.

*Cons: While the food processor is well made and functions very well, some consumers do not like its design but functionality wise, it is very good.

A lot of mothers, housewives, domestic workers and chefs nowadays are using food processors to make cooking a lot easier and much quicker. These devices help a lot of modern cooker to finely cut and slice different ingredients when they are cooking. One good choice is the Kenwood FP264 Multi Pro Compact Food Processor and we can say it is a great choice because it has fairly good reviews.

Though it doesn’t have a lot of reviews the majority are four and five star reviews.  We thought to do our research to see if this product is just new on the market and if people are yet to discover it why there were so little reviews.

We have compiled our findings to include a description of the product along with your list of features and a number of the customer reviews that we could find to share with you as you try to decide what the best food processor is for you.

Kenwood FP264 Multi Pro Compact Food Processor Description

The Kenwood FP264 metal compact food processor allows you to use its extra glass liquidiser and glass mill attachments and features a dual drive system. The dual drive system is designed to provide its consumers with the best processing results. You are also able to make fine sauces, smoothies and crush ice with the glass liquidizer attachment. You can also grind your coffee beans, spices, herbs and nuts by using its glass mill.

The Kenwood FP264 Multi Pro Compact Food Processor is powerful with a 750W motor. It allows the user to have total control through the use of the 2-speed plus pulse control button. It has a 2.1 litre food processor bowl with a 1 litre working capacity and a 1.2 litre liquidiser and glass mill. It allows you to have thick and fine cuts and slices, it also comes with a twin beater, rasping disc, dough tool and geared whisk. With its brushed-die cast aluminium body, it is very attractive and stylish in appearance.

Kenwood FP264 Multi Pro Compact Food Processor Features

  • Allows the user to have an effortless chopping, blending and mixing experience.
  • Allows the user to have total control.
  • Comes with different useful attachments like the twin beater, rasping disc, dough tool and geared whisk.
  • Operates with a dual drive system that provides the best results.
  • Operates with a 750W motor.

 Consumer Reviews for Kenwood FP264 Food Processor

Though this product doesn’t currently have a lot of consumer reviews it seems to be of good quality, however there are not enough reviews for us to say this is the best option nor can we say that it is not a good option. And so we kind of leave you in limbo to read the reviews found below and as such decide if you want to purchase this food processor or not based on what consumers are saying in the reviews. Most of the feedbacks from the customers include them saying things like;

  • “Great food processor.”
  • “Excellent product, easy to use and at a very good price.”
  • “Very pleased with the product.”
  • “Very good value for money.”
  • “I would recommend it to anyone looking for food processor.”

A certain reviewer said that she decided to purchase this food processor because of the recommendation from some of her cook books and she understands why it is recommended after using it. She said that the device is well made and looks attractive. She added that the base is compact which means that it does not take up too much space on the working area so she no longer needs to use cupboard space for packing the machine away.

She was also impressed with the add-ons that have been very useful for her in whatever she needs to do with her food. She also added that the food processor is easy to clean and maintain. She also added that with just a quick glance on the instruction manual; you will easily know what to do. She recommended that users lift the item up in the air to remove the jug so the internal mechanism does not fall down.

One man said that the food processor is an excellent product because it does all the grating, liquidizing, and perfectly mills the coffee beans. However, he was quite disappointed in the fact that he was supposed to get it with next day delivery but didn’t. But all in all, the product was working well and he said that it was worth the wait.

Another reviewer said that the food processor works great. He was also impressed on how compact and how extremely proficient it is. He added that even if he has not used all its attachments, the chopping and mixing alone is very good. He also mentioned that his wife was very impressed with the machine and thought that they should have replaced their old food processor a long time ago. He also said that the product was excellent and that it does all its claims plus it comes at a very reasonable price. He concluded that all the things you need to get done in the kitchen can be done by this food processor.

One lady said that she was very glad that she bought the product. She was impressed with its perfect size and the processing results on food she used in most of her recipes. She also mentioned that the food processor looks very good and she could leave it out on the work top. The stylish design of the device encourages her to use it more often. She also said that her husband also enjoys using the device.

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The Kenwood FP264 Multi Pro Compact Food Processor is indeed a good food processor from the reviews that it currently has but with just a small amount of reviews we encourage you to wait and see what other consumers may say, it may very well increase in positive reviews and it may very well not, but it is too early to make the call on this one.



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