Magimix 4200 Food Processor Review

Magimix 4200 Food Processor in White

*Overall Rating: ★★★★½

*Consumer Reviews Collected: 16

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*Pros: The Magimix 4200 is a robust food processor with a compact design. It has a large capacity but can be used by those who only have to serve themselves since it comes with three different sized bowls.

*Cons: The only thing some consumers state in their reviews is that the product is heavy but this is what gives it its stability as it works with a powerful motor.

If you are a regular entertainer or you have a large family then the Magimix 4200 food processor is a good piece of equipment for your kitchen. It basically has the capabilities of three machines in one with the ability to perform a multitude of processing tasks. It can whisk, grate, slice, chop, liquidize, make pastry and cake dough with perfection in just a seconds. After completing any tasks, you can easily and quickly clean and store the product with all its attachments and accessories. The 950 W motor provides users with more than enough processing power which is one of the main things you will hear being talked about in the Magimix 4200 reviews.

Magimix 4200 Food Processor Description

The Magimix 4200 is three processors in one. It has a mini bowl that is suitable for processing food items in small amounts, a midi bowl for grating and slicing and the main bowl that is suitable for larger amounts. It features a large feed tube so you can process whole fruits and larger cuts making better use for your time and less manual work for you.

It comes with professional standard accessories to include a bakery standard blade for dough making and a blade for whisking eggs. It also has the ability to liquidize, slice, mince, chop, grate and can complete most processing tasks in a couple seconds. When you are done with all your processing the unit and its accessories are easy to clean.

The Magimix 4200 is very easy to use with three button functions and a single speed. Though it uses a single speed this is good for any type of food that you want to process this is because the motor has the capability to automatically adapt to the type of food being processed and will provide power accordingly. Along with power and a durable make you get a three year manufacturers guarantee with your purchase.

With your purchase of the Magimix 4200  you get a metal blade, dough blade, egg whisk, 2 slicers/graters, a citrus press, a spatula, storage  box and recipe book.

Magimix 4200 Food Processor Features

  • Powerful 950 W motor
  • Multiple accessories
  • 3 bowls
  • Compact design
  • Push button operation
  • Storage box for accessories
  • Powerful but quite motor
  • 3 year  guarantee on product
  • 12 year guarantee on motor

Customer Reviews for Magimix 4200 Food Processor

There are quite a number of customer reviews online for the Magimix 4200 food processor. If reading customer reviews will be a large factor into whether you purchase the product or not you may have quite a number of reviews to read. We have included a couple here but before you read the full reviews take a look at some quotes from reviewers.

  • “If this was a car it would be a Rolls Royce or a Bentley.”
  • “AWESOME!!!!”
  • “What a lovely thing it is!”
  • “…feels really robust and stable!”

Magimix 4200 Food Processor in Chrome FinishOne reviewer states that they purchased this food processor as a replacement for a more popular brand name. Their first reaction was that they wished they had had the Magimix 4200 from their first purchase of a food processor years ago.

They state that they have since nicknamed the processor “the beast” and love the three nesting bowls that are both useful and designed for practical storage. They state that they used all the parts that came with the food processor and said they were all excellent. They loved that they were easy to clean with only a rinse necessary for some parts as long as they were washed soon after use. They finished the review by saying that they are pleased with it.

One reviewer said they made their purchase after reading many reviews. They state that they wanted to make one good purchase that would last for many years and so they did a lot of research before purchasing the Magimix 4200. They went on to say that they are glad they made the purchase and that they love the nesting bowls that it comes with.

They also love that the buttons are a good size and are not too small or fiddly and say that the product is easy to use and easy to clean while being very robust and sturdy. They said that though this is the most expensive processor they have purchased they really think it is well worth it and they are very pleased having owned it for a couple months. They finished by saying that they absolutely recommend the product.

Another customer compared this to the Rolls Royce of food processors and say it is the best they have ever used. They state that they used it to make marmalade and it did 8lbs of oranges in 5 minutes. They completed their review by saying that the product was just awesome.

One other individual that wrote a Magimix 4200 review states that they were pleased from their first use of this food processor. They say that it is very impressive though it is the only one they can speak of and love that both the blades and the bowls perform as expected of them. They say their purchase has worked out well for them and they only miss having a larger feeding tube that is found on another Magimix model.

One lady said she had owned another brand for 20 years prior to getting this Magimix 4200 which her husband didn’t want her to get due to the price tag. She states that the reviews played a huge role in her purchase as the model had a lot of excellent reviews. Because of the price tag she had to save for a while to purchase it but she says she is happy with her purchase and the performance that she gets from this food processor.

One reviewer states that the food processor is lovely though a bit heavy which they quickly note is not a bad thing. They say it stores on their worktop very neatly and they can use it at a moment’s notice. They love the fact that the motor is so powerful yet the product is so quite when it is in operation.

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The Magimix 4200 reviews show that this is indeed a great buy and it is well worth the extra money you would have to pay for it.


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