Philips HR7774 Food Processor Review

Philips HR7774 Food Processor

*Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

*Consumer Reviews Collected: 35

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*Pros: This product is good looking, easy to clean and has a lot of useful features. The product comes with a lot of great accessories that are very useful for different cooking tasks. It is also of great value and can handle heavier loads than other food processor.

*Cons: While the product provides good value for money, some customers say that it takes up a large amount of space on the kitchen worktop and a few has mentioned that it is a bit louder than they would like.

Making good meals can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Fortunately, people nowadays can rely on some machines to help make food preparation a lot easier and a lot healthier. These new technologies are created to make our lives easier and more convenient. One great choice for people who love to prepare good dishes from scratch is the Philips HR7774 Food Processor. The company, Philips is already known for having a high standard on all of its products ensuring each of its customers gets only the best results when using their equipment.

With Philips, you can prepare delicious meals a lot quicker. With a good positive customer reviews we found online we can say that this food processor from Philips is a good choice. To help you find out if this product certainly fits your needs, we have made our own review to give you an idea of the product’s description and features. Additionally, we also provided some of those consumer reviews we found while doing our research.

Philips HR7774 Food Processor Description

The Philips HR7774 Food Processor has a stylish design and looks very attractive. It comes with seven accessories that perform more than thirty functions. One of its accessories is the dishwasher-safe mixing tool that helps you in mixing batter. You can also easily chop meat and vegetables with the use of the stainless steel chopping knife accessory.

The processor also allows you to have medium and fine shredding and grating through its two metal discs. You can also blend, stir and crush ice perfectly with its 1.5L break-resistant blender, make some healthy juices with the citrus press and whip, whisk and light batter for making cakes with the use of a balloon beater.

With the purchase of the Philips HR7774 Food Processor, you will get 2 inserts/discs, a reversible shredding disc, an adjustable slicing disk, a citrus press, a kneading tool, a stainless steel chopping knife, a balloon beater and a break-resistant blender.

Philips HR7774 Food Processor Features

  • Allows you to perform more than 30 different tasks
  • Performs with a powerful 1000 watt motor
  • Allows you to have powerful precision in crushing ice
  • Additional pulse functions
  • Allows you to adjust the blades between 1 to 7 mm.
  • Allows you to handle whole fruits and vegetables through its XL feeding tube and XL bowl
  • Compact and stylish design
  • One-touch assembly and disassembly
  • All accessories are dishwasher-safe

Consumer Reviews for Philips HR7774 Food Processor

With a lot of reviews pertaining to how good this food processor is, this is absolutely a good choice if you are looking for a versatile and reliable food processor. In fact, there are a lot of positive reviews on this product compared to a few negative ones online. You can find some of these reviews below but first take a look at a couple snippets from customer reviews.

  • “The citrus juicer accessory of the product is excellent.”
  • “It is a very powerful food processor. “
  • “The food processor is very easy to clean.”
  • “This is a very nice piece of machine.”
  • “I love the product and I would recommend it.”

One reviewer said that she uses the food processor almost every day. She also said that she stores the unit on her worktop and keeps the accessories in the drawer. She was impressed with the citrus juicer and was happy that all the accessories are dishwasher safe. She also thinks that the food processor is a good looking piece of kitchen equipment.

Philips HR7774 AttachmentsShe said that she tried to use the balloon beater to whisk some egg whites and make some emulsified creams and it worked very well. She also said that even if the instruction manual recommends not putting some heavy ingredients in, she still does some mashed potatoes for 4 to 5 seconds and faced no problem at all. She also mentioned that she regretted buying the product from elsewhere because it was a lot more expensive than the one from Amazon.

She wished she would have checked Amazon first before buying it from other retailers. However, she did not regret purchasing the processor because she still has a good machine for the right value of money.

Another reviewer said that the food processor has been very useful to her. She also said that the machine is large enough to tackle most of her baking, mixing, chopping and slicing tasks. She said that she hesitated at first when picking up the model because she had used Kenwood food processors for over 30 years. However, she thinks that Philips HR7774 Food Processor works really well so far.

One lady said that the food processor is a very good piece of machine with a lot of its accessories included in the box. She also said that the machine has been very helpful in her kitchen. However, she said that the food processor is quite noisy and she would like it to be a lot quieter.

One man said that the product is of great value and has a lot of helpful functionalities.  He also said that even if it is not the most stylish food processor on the market, he was still satisfied with its quality and performance.

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The Philips HR7774 Food Processor offers better solutions for your food preparation needs. Whether it’s blending, making juice, whisking, chopping, making mashed potatoes, crushing ice, pureeing and etc., the product has different functionalities that fit all consumer needs. Combining the convenience and excellent features from this product, we definitely recommend the purchase of the Philips HR7774 Food Processor.




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