Philips Robust Collection HR7781/00 Food Processor Reviews

Philips  HR7781 Food Processor Reviews

*Overall Rating: ★★★★½

*Consumer Reviews Collected: 13

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*Pros: The Philips HR7781/00 is a powerful product with a motor that provides 1200 W of power.  It comes with a number of accessories and has the capability to do a number of different things; slicing, shredding, julienning, chopping, dough making etc.

*Cons: One reviewer mentioned that the unit did not provide adequate storage for the various parts and accessories and so they have stored them away in a drawer. They state that that did not take away from the usefulness of the product.

The Philips HR7781/00 is from the Philips Robust Collection and so it packs a food processing punch. It is a huge rival for the spot of being the best food processor as it has a number of uses to include blending, juicing, mixing, hand blending and a variety of processing uses. Its parts are made with durable materials to ensure that the product lasts a lifetime.

It promises owners tough processing and easy clean up; a pair that any chef or mom can appreciate. This can be used to adequately process the most demanding ingredients in any type of recipe, whether it is a smoothie, cake, soup or casserole; you name it and the Philips JR7781/00 can manage it. Read on to find out all the information you need to know about this product to see if this food processor is right for you.

The Philips HR7781/00 Food Processor Description

The Philips HR7781/00 is quite a piece according to the manufacturers and the reviewers. This food processor allows you to process your toughest ingredients and still have a quick and easy clean up. This machine, grates, shreds, granulates, slices in different sizes, juliennes, makes dough, whisks and beats and much more. Its stainless steel blades mean you can safely use them with any food. It also features a combination slicing disc that allows you to slice both medium and fine at the same time. This is especially useful for vegetables in instances when you are making for example soup.

The kneading hook lives up to the Robust Collection name having the capability to do 2 KG of kneading heavy dough. Not only can it handle that much dough but it still makes quick work of getting it kneaded to perfection. For ingredients that need to be chopped you will love the stainless steel chopping accessory which makes perfect chops in just a matter of seconds. The double balloon beater allows you to whisk both light and medium batters and since it has two balloons you will have your results in a shorter time span.

This can be used for beating eggs, making mayonnaise, sponge cake and even instant pudding. For finer results in any process just allow the motor to run for a little longer than usual. There is no need to pre-cut larger items as the machine has an extra wide feeding tube that can accommodate whole fruits.

The Philips HR7781/00 comes with a solid metal base that ensures the longevity of the appliance. The body is made of metal and the bowls feature Zytel plastic that is more resistant than regular plastic. It comes with a powerful 1200 Watt motor and comes with an extended guarantee. You get a five year guarantee on the product and a 15 year guarantee on the motor once you register the product within three months of purchasing it.

With your purchase of the Philips HR7781/00 you will get one double balloon beater,  a kneading tool, a chopping knife made of stainless steel, a julienne or French fry disk, a double sided shredding disc for shredding both small and medium sizes, a double sided slicing disc for small and medium slicing, and three inserts.

The Philips HR7781/00 Food Processor Features

  • 1200  W motor
  • Multiple accessories
  • Extra wide feeding tube
  • 5 year guarantee on product
  • 15 year  guarantee on motor
  • Four L bowl capacity for dry and wet ingredients
  • Two KG bowl capacity for dough
  • One KG bowl capacity for flour
  • Two speeds plus additional pulse
  • Safety lock system
  • Non slip feet
  • Cord storage
  • 1.5m cord length

Customer Reviews for The Philips HR7781/00 Food Processor

Before we get straight into the Philips HR7781/00 reviews let us first show you some outtakes of actual customer reviews. This way you know if reading through the reviews will be worth your time.

  • “…it is in a class of its own, nothing comes near it.”
  • “The machine is a pleasure to use.”
  • “What a fabulous machine!”
  • “…my new best friend in the kitchen.”

Philips Robust Collection HR7781 in useOne reviewer said they actually saw this food processor on demonstration when they were out looking for new lights for their kitchen. After going home that day they looked it up and found it on Amazon a lot cheaper and so they made their purchase. They also mention that prior to owning this processor they had owned one of a different brand which they had to replace twice and still had the same problem with the replacement.

They went on to say that it compares to nothing they have ever used and is in a class of their own. They note that it did a good job with everything they tried to process. They state that it is a pleasure to use as it is so simple to operate and cleans up easily and quickly in the dishwasher with no problem whatsoever.

They note that the many tools it comes with makes it possible for you to do everything you could expect a food processor to do. They made mention of the suction feet that makes it easy to use without fear of it moving and end by saying that it is worth every penny.

Another reviewer said they purchased this as a replacement for an old Kenwood Chef that her mother owns. From the first time they read the instructions they were intrigued with the processors as it stated that it had the ability to make cake mixtures as well as could knead dough.

They made the purchase and found that it was well made from the time they opened the box. They state that it is very well made and the suction cups allow it to stay in place even when it has a tough job at hand. They also love the fact that it doesn’t make a lot of noise while it works. They completed their review by saying that the unit has little to fault and it was worth the purchase.

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There are many positive Philips HR7781/00 reviews that all point to the device being an excellent one in multiple ways. You can spend your money on this product with confidence thanks to the five year guarantee on the product and the 15 year guarantee on the motor.



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